Alien Impregnation


Lacy Luck

American / USA
10:36 min - Nov 02 - .MP4 - 748.23 MB


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Custom Clip: It starts off with you getting ready for bed and talking about how you hear strange noises in your room but don’t find anything, so you dismiss it as something random. You go to bed and at some point in the night you wake up to your covers off and it's exposing your whole bare belly. You don’t remember what you did in your rest but you also at the same time feel like your bellybutton is sore and that your belly is filled with something you try to get up but then you are slammed back down on the bed and your arms are pinned at your sides. You try to struggle but you can’t break free and you are already getting tired. As you rest up to gain back your strength your belly starts to expand outward and it hurts, this happens for awhile as your belly expands and retracts numerous times. After awhile of that you talk about how something feels like it’s trying to burst through your belly, and shortly after that you hear a voice speak to you in your head, if you could repeat what the voice is telling you that’d be awesome. It tells you that it’s a alien from space that has chosen your belly to fully develop itself. You ask how it got inside your belly and it replies through your bellybutton, it says it moved your sheets and shirt all to crawl in your belly. You ask how it’s going to birth it’s way out? It says it’s going to burst through your belly causing it to rip open. You panic and tell it not too and just come out the normal way. Then your belly fully expands and the alien says it can’t do that and to be honest it prefers to have your belly be burst open. Then your belly begins to pulse in and out more causing you great pain. The alien tells you it’s going to come out of your belly any minute now. You beg it not to but it ignores you and continues too fully expand your belly a few times and keep it fully inflated for a little bit. The alien says its almost time to rip your belly open and before you can protest your belly fully expands one more time and bursts. You can just fade to black before the “burst