Freebie Tuesday

Fully nude exercise and hot/cold shower



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I hate playing sports but I have to! I must be divine and fit for you, baby. Today my challenge is doing some exercise naked. Jumping jacks, burpees, push-ups, abs and pilates face down position... Wait, I won´t be able to do jumping jacks without a bra! My tits are heavy and they will bounce, it hurts! so I will just use a bra for them. Yeah, you surely don´t want my tits to say "how cold the floor is" haha. Doing exercise with no clothes is weird but the feeling is great, it is a shame we can´t do it in the gym. Some series of movements and my body will start getting hot. You like watching me suffer and moaning like a poor , however you like how I make an effort and get my goals. Besides my nude body awakens your fantasies... Would you like to sweat with me, darling? The best part is at the end, when I run sweaty straight to the shower. I want to play with the contrast of the water on my skin and hair: first warm, then cold! wowwwwwwww then warm again, and so on. This will be healthy for my skin, even I will rejuvenate. The strenght of the water from the shower head stimulates my pussy... I play with my hand to make the shower even funnier. It is so pleasant! I soap my body up and then rinse it again. Finally I dry myself with a towel. I feel good, ready to start the day. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: You love sport... from the sofa. HIGHLIGHTED: My suffering face, don´t keep in in mind! INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW