Pumping Loads Into The Babysitter

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Brookelynne Briar

Canadian / Canada
1,826 5.0
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doninic Nov 11 2017

would love a b/g version of this. x

barbelithmoon - Top reviewer Dec 10
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A great performer and storyteller, very sexy with a voice that really draws you into the scenario.

Nero421 Mar 16
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The build up is wonderful and the creampies terrific. Love it.

ryeguy75 Jan 15
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Well now, that was... unbelievably hot! An awesome fantasy idea executed to perfection. The roleplay and dialog are exceptional. Absolutely loved everything about it :D

diabolicScheme Dec 11 2017
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So good!!! Amazing as always!!! :-)

theiatola Nov 23 2017
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This video is amazing! I love Brookelynne's acting in this vid. It's incredibly hot and gets you into the role.

You come home a little earlier than expected from a party, leaving your wife to stay and socialize a little more with the neighbours. When you return home, you find your very diligent babysitter has already put the kids to bed, cleaned up the supper dishes and is hanging out in the spare room. You can't help but notice how hot she looks tonight, in her short shorts and low-cut tank top, but you shrug it off as something you will jerk off to later. Needless to say, you are more than a little taken aback when she offers to gag on your cock. As it turn out, she has been jerking off to the thought of your experienced cock and has decided now would be an excellent time to take you for a spin. You know your wife would hate you if she found out you fucked the sitter, but when your babysitter suddenly begins to strip and shake her ass in your face while begging for your dick, you that you won't be able to resist. The second you take your cock our of your pants, she hungrily wraps her mouth around you and gives you the best blowjob of your life. You would have been happy just to cum in her mouth, but when she lays back, spreads her pussy and asks you to fuck her, you know you are going to have to fill that sweet, little cunt with cum! As it turn out - your sexy, little babysitter is a greedy bitch in the sac. With her pussy still dripping with your fresh load, she rolls onto all fours and begs you to fuck her from behind. You are more that happy to oblige and drive your cock hard and fast into her slick cunt until you grace her with a second wad. Well-fucked and extremely satisfied, your babysitter finally goes to take her leave before the Mrs. comes home, but not before gifting you with the pair of purple, now cum-stained, panties she wore all evening while waiting for you