BBW Under My Spell



American / The Dirty South
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You claim you can’t be mesmerized. I don’t know why you think you can resist My feminine beauty, charms, & manipulations. So many others have failed & fallen under My spell. What makes you think you are any different? Poor fool. I know you will fall. Your stubborn pride is no match for Me, and I’m going to teach you a lesson for thinking otherwise. A very painful, humiliating lesson. So relax, My pet. Listen to the sound of My voice. Follow My commands. I WILL mesmerize you. I WILL tease you. I WILL torment & humiliate you. You WILL be eating out of the palm of My hand…. Or should I say… out of the palm of YOUR hand. *Smirks* A little hot sauce & cum never hurt anyone. Well, not anyone intelligent