The Assertive Secretary's Advances

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olympia45 - Top reviewer Nov 6
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Such a dirty boy, thank you for writing here.  It's appreciated!  I sometimes don't get here often enough

The sexual tension between us at work has become too much to deny and I know the reason you haven't pursued me is because I am married. You happen to ease dropping on a phone call I'm having with my soon to be ex-husband and I notice you getting turned on by what you're listening. I hold you gaze but rather than demand you leave this instant, I make sure you hear every word about my intensions, and after I hang up I insist that you fuck me and stop worrying about my marriage. It's over between he and I, but don't you get too excited because I have no intentions on dating you. I would much rather just use you for sex whenever I please. You can't argue with that notion because I make it clear that you don't have much choice and I won't take no for an answer. I strip out of my conservative secretary attire allowing you to admire my perfection before I direct you to fuck my mouth upside-down on my desk, amongst other holes, and I moan with success, knowing that my creamy pussy has got you by the balls, and this secret of ours will keep you working for me from now on