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Let's play a dr*nking game together! Well not so much together as Me telling you exactly how much to dr*nk & getting both you & your wallet completely fucked. In reality, it will be My deck of cards that will decide for both of us, but you will listen to My mesmerizing voice telling you exactly what to dr*nk when. You will end up wasted & sending Me a big chunk of money before the night is over. You need 6-12 beers, you need at least a 26oz bottle of bo*ze, shot glasses, mix, and short glasses. The rules are as follows; Ace means you chug a be*r 2-5 means you take a shot 6-10 means you sip a mixed dr*nk Royalty is worth $10 to Me from you Jokers are worth $25 to Me from you I can add dr*nks at any time but will not add additional tributes beyond what the cards decide. You will pay whatever they decide at the end of the game, which is 10 minutes long