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Doctor Drains You

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Bettie Bondage

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983 3.0
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You've been married for years now, and your boring wife just isn't doing it fo ryou anymore. You can barely cum, even when you close your eyes and pretend she's someone actually attractive. It's getting to be a serious problem! You think maybe you should see a doctor...your've always kind of had a thing for her. Plus, you've heard some rumors... So you make an appointment, and wait for it eagerly. You're not sure what you're expecting, but even just a nice glimpse of those tits in the lowcut blouses she wears or her round ass in her tight slacks is about 10 times more exciting than seeing your wife naked. When you tell her the problem, it doesn't take much in the way of suggestion before she's unbuttoning her lab coat, pulling out her tits, and asking you to step up so she can take care of you! You can't believe it, but here she is, her tits on display right below your cock - your cock, which she is stroking and teasing and building up a huge load know it's going to be intense, and she seems to be encouraging it, encouraging the building of a big cum, stroking you just to the edge before backing down, dirty talking you as she goes, until you can't hold back any longer, until your coating her tits in a huge load, ropes of cum covering her nipples as she moans and gasps and empties your balls all over herself