Jerk to Your Self Hate



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What kind of a person wants to hate themselves as much as you do? What kind of person wants their insecurities and flaws brought to light? What kind of POS wants someone to make them feel this way? I can count off all of the ways that you are disgusting and gross. I bet you want to be able to put your dick into something other than a blowup doll, but no one is ever going to want to fuck something as nasty as you. As if life weren't bad enough to you already, you want to be humilia ted, this is the only way you can get hard. You jerk off to how much everyone around you hates you. You jerk off to how much you hate yourself. Only someone truly pathetic could jack off to these things. I bet you cry yourself to sle ep knowing that you are the reason why you don't get laid or why you have a terrible life. I don't pity you