Sucia's Friend Lotus May Pole Twerk

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Sucia Loves

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111 4.3
3:01 min - Nov 02 - .MOV - 326.47 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Incredible ass shaking, so gorgeous and beautiful a pure Ass worship video

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An absolutely gorgeous body and the tattoos just accentuates it even more. Fantastic twerking and pole moves at every angle. A couple more mirror shots or a few zoom outs would've been nice to truly appreciate the rest of her beauty but the closeness of the video made it feel more sensual.

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The beautiful way her body sways back and forth is simply mesmerizing. Poetry in motion. Such a very beautiful and talented woman with sensual curves. She knows exactly how to move her body and I have nothing but pure respect for her work ethic. Being able to perform those moves on a pole is unreal to say the least. She ends the video with a nice sneak peek into her upcoming video. I don't want to give it away but just know its worth it to pay attention from beginning to end.

I really dig these twerk videos! Not only do I get to show off my amazing friends but her amazing booty skills. This time we decided to add some of her STELLAR pole tricks in the mix so you all can fall in love with her as much as I am! Lotus is truly a great performer, to see more of her make sure to check out her MV store LotusMay