Step mother seduction in Hindi with subs

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Indian / USA
3,099 4.3
22:12 min - Nov 02 - .MP4 - 580.89 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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The way you grip the pole..just makes me weak on my legs!

Thats so yummy!

earthysensuality - Top reviewer Feb 8
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A nice taboo fantasy featuring sweat and an excellent ass!

tjrlcr2k1 - Top reviewer Feb 25
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Outstanding! Her ass is fucking amazing in yoga pants! Love seeing her bend over in front of the camera and seeing her bare feet!

@wolvesofthesea Thanks for the feedback. What do you mean by the color being all fucked? Can you please explain!

ramarast7 - Top reviewer Nov 25
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The role play was good

The shots of your ass were amazing

I was turned on by that ass in yoga pants

Your voice was so sexy in Hindi

You were such a tease and I loved it.

And the BJ was good too.

I want more.

Thanks for the detailed review honey :)

This video is done in Hindi but has English subtitles. The Indian mom wearing yoga pants stretches and shows her step son how to workout. But all this time while she is sweating her butt off, her stepson is busy day-dreaming about her big Indian ass , would he act on them? Would his step mom give it to him