You were just the snack I was craving


Ava Black

British / UK
12:52 min - Nov 08 - .WMV - 159.33 MB


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Ava is bored. And hungry. Never a good combination. She has been rummaging around the house looking for her 'special treats' that she has stashed all over the place. Sadly for her it seems she is all out... Guess that means she has to go out again and get some in the mall. The mall is always a good place to pick up her favourite treats and shrink them down to bite size morsels that she can snack on when she is relaxed or watching telly. Little man treats are really the snack she craves more than anything! And it's a good thing that all those guys now stirring about in her stomach juices thought she was just a weak helpless preggo woman or she would never have managed to lure them to her car . She really doesn't want to go out again tonight. She's tired and cranky. Oh! But then she spots something wriggling away weakly on the floor of her bedroom! She sneaks up on the odd little bundle of clothes and snatches it up quickly - her eyes lighting up immediately! It's a man! Oh joy! He's a bit grubby and he looks exhausted. But she remembers him. He was the checkout guy at the mall last week who slagged her off. Made some stupid remark about pregnant women... Ha! He should have been more careful with his choice of words, cos he doesn't look so clever now... In fact he looks like he's starving himself. His little legs couldn't make it down the stairs to make good his escape, and he's been wandering around upstairs all week. Aaaah shame... Still, she takes a whiff of him... He might be grubby but he's starting to smell good to her... He bargains for his life. He'll do anything to be set free... She finds this hilarious! Typical really. She licks him lustily, enjoying the heady taste of his fear intermingled with delicious delicious taste! She can almost taste him on the tip of her tongue, and she imagines him sliding down the back of her throat, satisfying her cravings entirely.... Mmmm... Will he survive his unfortunate encounter with Ava? Or will he be the next bite-sized morsel in her rumbling round tummy? Watch and find out