Blackmailing Your Future Step Mom

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Wetstephanie - Top reviewer Dec 24
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Alwasy a great model. Love the new hair too.

You've called in an escort to your hotel room. You planned this out weeks ago, when you found her online... not active, but you saw her profile. It was the woman that your father has been dating. She hasn't met you yet, and you only know her from a photo you peeked at on his phone. Walking in, she admits that she isn't doing this anymore... but needed the money, and you were offering so much. Well, here she is, and you admit to her that you're her fiancee's son. She decides she's going to leave, but you tell her that you'll very quickly give your father a call if she does. So she stays. You tell her to get on the bed and do as you say, OR ELSE. You tell her to strip for you. From there, you instruct her to act out what her lover does to her - your dad. You want to know what kind of man he is with her, with women... She is so sexy, and your cock gets rock hard. You ask her if it looks just like your dad's cock. And you continue asking... telling her what to do... until you blow