You'll never sow your seed


Ava Black

British / UK
8:11 min - Nov 08 - .WMV - 176.83 MB


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Look at this bump! Do you see this? This bump is filled with superior seed that knocked me right up and made me pregnant. Just the way that it should be. But not you! Oh no not you! Never you! You should NEVER be allowed anywhere near a pussy! That nasty babydick of yours that you even dare to call a penis should never be permitted anywhere near a woman! Let alone knock her up! Ewwww! I can't even understand why you're so hot and bothered about that nasty 'shroom of yours! After all it's hardly a penis... It's hardly even there! If I had it my way you would be tested rigorously. I bet all tests would come back blank! Loser juice! Shooting blanks no doubt! And if you're not you're probably shooting spunk that's flapping around tired and ish and doesn't even know which way the pussy is cos you jerk off so much! OMG you are disgusting