Victoria Seras] OPERATION: WolfBang

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pretty sure give this buy soon

Wulf49 Nov 2 2017
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HOLY JESUS, ok first of all, this was my custom vid and PK completely blew away my original high expectations. Everything down to the Cosplay, Story, and Cinematography was absolutely stellar!!! The vid starts out with Alucard asking Seras’ help in distracting two werewolves, leading up to a trialogue between Seras and the werewolves and teasing that I LOVED (the talk between the werewolves made me laugh as well lol) . Seras then takes hold of the two wolf dicks with INTENSE blowjob and handjob action ensuing. The alternating positions and perspectives accompanied with the sexy talk make the scenes just AMAZEBALLS. The pièce de résistance, however, was the DP finale which was DAYUM, DAYUM, DAYUM. Intense, Sexy, and Funny: I couldn’t be happier with the final product!!! Buy it (^_^)b

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Nov 5 2017
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As always the production values are fantastic, very professional. I have to admit that I'm not familiar with the character, reminded me of a more innocent looking Blood Rayne. I absolutely love her costuming and role play in this video and in all her videos. This video like all her videos will definitely stir the blood of any wolf, and the dp was amazing.

Kitty's smoldering sexualty covered by a thin veneer of innocence in her characterazation alway create an erotic masterpiece.

I always look forward to her next video.

Uberlover Nov 18 2017
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PityKitty (PK) portrays Victoria Seras in this movie, and is instructed to distract a couple of werewolves. If you know PK, you won't doubt her ability to get a rise out of werewolves and viewers alike. If you're new to PK, you're in for a treat. Victoria uses both her hands and her mouth to make sure the werevolves give her their full attention - at this point, Victorias tits & ass should already have made even the most demanding viewer stand at full attention at home. Just hearing PK say "You're so hhhhhard, guys!" in her sexy accent is enough to make any man reach for some heart pills. Victoria divides her attention equally between the two hard wolf dicks, before letting them enjoy both her tight holes. PK is as always smooth shaven, and her red and flustered pussy shows how much she enjoys making this video. So naughty and nice that you immediately watch it twice.

Dante7872 Nov 4 2017
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You play Seras Victoria very well and you make her look very sexy

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“Sir, yes sir, my Master!”

Pure fucking perfection! Damn, as much as I love Hellsing, PityKitty did it exceptionally and amazingly well, she catched the shy, lovely, brave and sexy personality of Alucard’s servant and apprentice, Seras Victoria, to a new level never showed in the anime or the OVA! ^_^

The plot begins on a night, where Alucard and Seras are on a mission. They see two big werewolves and Alucard orders Seras to “distract” them. Seras is surprised and embarrassed by her Master’s plan to distract the werewolves but proceeds as ordered as well.

“Howdy, big boys!”

When the two werewolves sees the Police Girl approaching, Seras begins to show a side never seem by anyone nor her Master. She shows an outstanding, sexy sensuality and charm towards the big wolves, dancing in front of them, erotically showing her pure beautiful curves, ass, pussy and boobs, giving a demanding touch of exciting arousal. At first, the wolves seem confused, not knowing the vampire, but in no time, they become immediately turned on by her erotic charm. The wolves decide to take the opportunity to please her, but Seras takes the initiative to do it as well.

The Police Girl gets close to the werewolves’ big canine hard cocks and starts sucking them lustfully and simultaneously, switching each cock, licking and sucking them from the tip, to all the way to her throat, reapeating this lustful process, making the big wolves go wild!

Now, for the main highlight of this masterpiece, the werevolves starts fucking Seras! One fucking her sweet pussy and other, her tight ass. A beautiful, wonderful and ultra hot view of her ass and pussy for the viewers while Police Girl is being fucked hard by the turned-on wolves is the best thing ever made in this vídeo. Seras screams with great pleasure and excitement as they roughly pound both of her cute holes. Best fucking threesome ever ♥

After the threesome, the werewolves ran away, deeply satisfied. Seras was wondering where Master Alucard has been while she was being screwed by the wolves over an hour. Suddenly Alucard appears before her. Seras notices the bleeding of his nose. Knowing from what happened, Alucard says that it was all a test.

“I was ... testing you. And you passed...”

“AAAHH?!” Seras gasps, in deep suprise and embarrassed.

Once again, your ability of making incredible, sensational, hot vídeos like this one is a gift made by you, PK. Thank you and keep up with the amazing work, with much love and awesomeness! And guys this is recommended, please support PK and her work, she deserves the best ♥♥♥


0utlawz deleted Apr 18
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Another video that blew my mind! Damn i love those fangs XD!

whatastorymark - Top reviewer Mar 25
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Watching this way too late as it's past Halloween, this video stands out for being one that literally drew me close to the action. Though I usually move the keyboard out of the desk when watching PK's videos, for obvious reasons, I don't usually just move ever so closer to the screen. I would for many moments, but this video drew me in enough to keep me so close to the screen all the way through. That's not really healthy, maybe damaging to my already messed up vision, but for PK, it's worth the risk. The thing that drew me in specifically was, I believe, how close the camera was to her for most of the video. Obviously the action too kept me glued to the screen, but there was a heightened degree of intimacy between a close shot of her, and me being right against the desk. It was too exciting just to stop and move back.

The story had some funny parts, mainly in the dialogue between Wolf 1 and Wolf 2. I'm not sure, what came to mind first when thinking about them is the duo of Rocky and Mugsy, where Wolf 1 is the leader, bossy, kind of mean at least. Wolf 2 is Mugsy as he just gets bitched out by Wolf 1 a lot of time, but he had his turns. How PK even got assigned this was funny, because she thinks at first it's an important mission, distracting them so her superior, Alucard, could jump them. It's hard to be serious when observing this kind of mission because the woman is just so hot, even when dressed as a sexy blond vampire with an amazing red outfit and stockings, and convincing teeth. That was PK in this scene, a video that manages to do some things over a long period of time. Well, about 23 minutes, but it felt longer, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on the content itself. When the content features a woman heating up the screen with stripping, showing off her body, and some sexual acts topped with loud and lovely sounds, it's easy to just take this as a long and enjoyable journey.

First with the stripping, there's some nice rocking music going on as she has her jacket mostly unbuttoned. There is a shot of her from the front, really showing off the bra, which gives her a notable amount of cleavage. She squeezes them, which that alone can draw me close to the screen, resisting the urge to reach to it with my hands, but I have to be busy with other things. Soon after her nipples come out, looking so perky, you'd think it was really cold, but it's just her being really excited. Another shot is of her beautiful butt, which the Seras outfit accentuates. The stockings being ripped up a bit to show the butt, the panties that would be brought to the bottom of the butt, it makes her rear look like a peach. I found that to be amazing. During these shots alternating, the wolves discuss how they would double team her. It becomes a challenge to read the dialogue, as it's kind of funny, and watching her tease so well. I managed to focus more on the teasing. Actually it looked like Wolf 2 was taking more charge in their discussion, laying down the law with his horniness, while Wolf 1 was horny but a bit more submissive, wanting to get this show on the road.

The show does begin. This is where the intimacy really kicks in. You see just the top half of her body, hands busy, mouth busy, face lighting up the screen. Those piercing red eyes giving sexy looks, and also the lip biting, which is potent in combination with the fangs. She works double duty on the wolf dicks, making some amazing sounds throughout. Not just the sucking sounds, which are great, but some sweet moans to keep a heavy sense of audio pleasure, going so well with the visual one. Wolf 1 gets her mouth exclusively for a while, giving strokes to that and Wolf 2's penis. Actually, the motion of Wolf 1 is just perfect, moving back and forth for the mouth to pleasantly receive it. Wolf 1 speaks in satisfaction, but then Wolf 2 couldn't handle the lack of attention he feels, even though just her hands on your body sounds like a dream come true. So she focuses her mouth on Wolf 2, and I stress the word “focuses,” because she almost consumes the dick whole. Wolf 2 shuts up, not being grumpy as she really works her mouth and tongue. With her face more to the camera, you really get to see the saliva building up, those fiery eyes looking at you, the lewd faces. That's the peak of the intimacy. Full screen, my face inches away from hers so to speak, and not letting up one bit. I'm really enjoying myself, though it looks like she's having an even better time than me. The second viewing for this, I noticed more how active her tongue was, which was awesome. I guess Wolf 1 had enough of this and really drove his dick into her mouth. Her face kind of turns a bit red, trying to match her eyes and outfit, as she really drools and gets some mouth fucking courtesy of Wolf 1. This part is so intense, that she soon makes an ahegao face, and a thick stream of spit is seen from the bottom lip down to her chin. Wolf 1 keeps up the speed as PK gives some attention again to Wolf 2 and sucks them both off. There's one point where Wolf 1 is moving back and forth, and just PK's tongue is out, mouth open, and from the side of his dick, stays there as he keeps going. Like slipping a wiener through the bottom bun, it just looked smoking hot. In her mind she thinks that Alucard wants them closer together. Wolf 1 then speaks up, can't handle it anymore, needs to screw. She said “Certainly” with such an arousing smile and face, it's infectious. Wolf 2 is impatient, but this goes on after fading to black.

Now on her back, though Wolf 2 wanted shotgun, Wolf 1 got it first, meaning her ass. There were a lot of things to notice here. First, her legs looking really thick and juicy with those torn up stockings, part of me thinks the tight fit accentuated the thighs, another part just thinks that's her legs naturally. For a short woman, she has some pretty thick thighs and amazing legs. Second, her panties have a few spots of wetness around them, which really convinces you that she enjoyed all this. Her pussy even has some wetness there too. Third, the lip biting, and her face. Even though at this point you see the bottom half of her face, no eyes, they tell such a strong story that you know she's realistically enjoying this. PK mostly does vaginal penetration, so seeing her smoothly fuck her butt like that is a rarity, a treat where it really comes off that she can hold her own in the anal penetration department. She even moves up and down on the dick a lot. It's really hard to pay attention to everything going on, which is why seeing this again helps. For the first viewing, I noticed the difficulty in choosing something to focus on, so I would notice the face for a bit, but then focus on the anal penetration. Second viewing, I'm giving the face more love, and you also have her legs dominating the screen, it's easy to just fall in love with those and not pay attention to the rest of the stuff going on.

Still on her back, with the camera pointed more at her bottom, not seeing her face at all, Wolf 2 enters her vagina. There's a point where she pulls up her labia to accept the dick more, and man I had to look at her clithood, try and spot the clitoris. I don't recall many times of really focusing on that part of her body. I did here and loved it. The dialogue sums up what's happening to her, she said they make her feel so full. Yeah, it's some double penetration action as she works her pussy, while the other dick is in her butt. The camera gets even closer, and she even rides Wolf 1 for a bit while still getting the meat of Wolf 2. Despite the loud sounds of pleasure, she thinks to herself, asking where Alucard is. It kept fading to black during these final sexual moments, in the conclusion Wolf 2 exits the vagina and she uses a finger down there for rubbing. I have to say that when it went to her standing up and talking to Alucard, I was thrown off guard, I thought there was more, I didn't finish in time. She closes out the scene, saying she distracted them for over an hour, and she noticed Alucard's nose bleeding. He said he was merely testing her, and she was shocked at that. Whatever the real task was, she performed extremely well. So, not finishing in time, I went back to her double blowjob/handjob part, and finished there. Second viewing though, as I review the scene, I got too excited and finished at the fucking part, with about a minute left of the action. So, I kind covered all the bases. I kind of wasn't sure about finishing on the second viewing, just wanting to get the review done, but as always with PK, I got so wrapped into the action, even though it was a replay, separated by a couple hours of sleep, that I just finished again. It's a Sunday too, at the time of this review. So, a day of Sabbath spent watching this blasphemous little vampire go to town on two monsters. It was a fantastic time.

All that said, I greatly enjoyed the scene. It's easy to just get so into the action, that it becomes hard to tell if it's for the camera, or if she really enjoys it. It's so clear though that she really enjoys all that, the sexual deviant she is. All that passion and effort in just this scene, it does match her outfit and eyes, meaning it was so red hot. Another amazing scene from this woman, and no matter how times I watch it at other points in the year, I'll make sure this gets a yearly Halloween viewing. Any time's great just to watch this sexy vampire doing her stuff. Except maybe during church, which is really interesting to imagine. Anyways, PK scores super high again with this video.

yourboy Mar 24
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If you're a fan of Hellsing, roleplay, great cosplay, and life in general, you will be happy with this video.

Azar0n Mar 1
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The beginning of the video is memorable, I want more like this
The deep gorges are very exciting, one of the best performances of PK that I had the chance to see until here

Atriex - Top reviewer Feb 19
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It's not just the clothes on top, but the lingerie underneath! Script is fun and playful, and once it kicks off oh boy does it kick off! Fucking awesome vid, highly recommend it.

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Wonderful video. Both sexy and funny(the ending). I would love to see you do more anal in future videos. Plus your accent is really cute.

igvidat Dec 30
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Amazing production quality! You know it's lewd when a cosplayer makes you desire her more than the original character <3

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My first PK video and I must say it won't be my last! Highly recommend this video and any of PK's videos!

The video is 23min long. 1920x1080 50 fps, [recorded with dslr and semi-professional illumination]---------- [scripted video] [mini-history]---------- the video contains: Cosplaying as Victoria Seras (Hellsing), roleplay, POV Blowjob, Dirty Talk, Realistic Cumming Dildo. ----------[***]---------- Alucard needs Victoria's help to distract 2 werewolves. What could go wrong
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