Dirty Redhead Cop Fuck

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Drkwing Feb 16
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Once again Betsy take you on a trip that pulls you in and has you pulling out your cock. Simply amazing

Roll your window down!... do you know why I pulled you over today? Yes, you were definitely exceeding the speed limit, sir. License and registration please. You don't have your license with you? Wow, this is going to be A LOT of paperwork. Sir, CALM DOWN! Your wife will not be that mad it's just some tickets. I know, we all have bad days. Well I've had a long shift and I am getting off soon and trust me I would rather NOT do this paperwork. Maybe we could work something else out instead ;) sucking & dildo fucking~ Tags : cop police uniform costume redhead bbw role play dildo bbc black cock gagging eye contact close ups dildo fucking dildo sucking riding public outdoor outdoors outside