Macy Meadows Do you like My Bikini Step Dad

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Do You Like My Bikini Step Dad- I walk out into the living room of the hotel suite and I show my step-dad my new, white bikini. ‘Where is your step-mom?’ Luke asks me. ‘She’s taking forever to change into her bikini!’ I exclaim. I sit down on the floor and I rub my head on my step-dad’s crotch. I pull his dick out and I start to give him a blowjob. When his cock is nice and hard, I pull my bikini bottoms down and I sit on his dick in the reverse cowgirl position. I bounce up and down on his cock, until we hear a noise… We are concerned that my step-mom is going to walk in on us, so I hop off of his cock and I sit down next to him. A few moments later, my step-mom walks into the room showing off her red bikini, and she asks if we are all ready to go down to the pool. My step-dad tells us that he’s going to stay back and work in the hotel room. My step-mom and I start to walk towards the pool, but I have a better idea, so I lie to my step-mom and I pretend that I forgot my phone in the room. I run back to the hotel room so I can secretly fuck my step-dad some more! He fucks me in the missionary position at first, and then I climb on top of the coffee table in the doggystyle position. ‘Please cum inside of me, step-dad!’ I beg. He cums deep inside of my pussy, just like I asked him to! Then he tells me to go freshen up and to go join my step-mom down by the pool, before she gets suspicious…

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