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Mom Jeans JOI


Nikki Sequoia

American / Arizona
7:49 min - Nov 06 - .MP4 - 911.90 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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I didn't see you sitting there! Mommy just got home from the party and I was going to throw the towels in the dryer before getting in bed so you had towels for your bath in the morning. I thought everyone was asleap. Why are you up anyway? Couldn't sleap? Poor baby. Mommy's really tired from her night out so she isn't going to "special" tuck you in like she normally does. This time you have to be a big boy and touch yourself while I finish folding the towels because we need to get you back in bed asap! And since I know how much you love when mommy wheres jeans, this should be a quick one for you. Stare at my ass and thighs in these tight jeans while you touch yourself till you make messies, because mommy knows that will help you sleap. I'll help you a little by telling you how, but I need my hands to fold, but you better promise that when you are done you are going to go STRAIGHT TO BED