Ghost Makes Me Cum



American / Fetish Land
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Sending her boyfriend off after he drains his cock inside her, you're now left with just her... and her wet pussy... unsatisfied. He left her with all those toys, but totally not finished. She jokes with him as he leaves, that it's fine. But she only says that because she knows... you're still in the room, "big, bad ghosty". She's thrilled to be alone with you, and even more so because she knows you saw the poor excuse of a man she has. She takes off her panties, revealing that wet pussy... and tells you she wants your help. You dive right in to play, and then begin moving her hands around. Being a ghost has its downfalls, but you can still push her hand onto different toys or make her slap herself, bring about that good orgasm through all that moaning and begging. After trying each toy, you know that double penetration is the one for this slut... and she lets you do it all