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Budgetary Meeting - Star Nine


Star Nine

American / California
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Featuring Star Nine! Good boys will come prepared with the supplementary materials available here. You're having trouble focusing, as usual. Something about these late afternoon meetings - my words just wash over your mind as you stare at the patch of nylon between the hem of my pants & my high heels. It's a budgetary meeting. I'm presenting my radical plan to attract new talent by cutting managerial pay. You gaze at my feet as I pace back and forth. Before you know it, the meeting is over. You meet my eyes as the other board members file out of the room. You begin to rise but I stop you in your tracks. It's time for a private budget meeting, just the two of us. Since you have so much trouble focusing I've even made some handy little pie charts. Send your custom video request to star @ starbondmedia dot com Includes financial domination, goddess worship, pantyhose domination