Freebie Tuesday




American / Seattle
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Sometimes you just have to tie up insubordinate slaves and take matters in your own hands. Until they cum, and then they're on their own. Ruined! ----------- Actions have consequences. And this slave is going to learn today. He finds himself tied up to a suspension cable, wrapped in saran wrap. Unsure what to expect, Sydney walks over to him and explains what's going to happen. It sounds like it might be the slave's lucky day. In a way it will be. He's going to cum by his Goddess' hands. A dream come true. Or so he thinks. When Sydney starts stroking, he is in ecstasy. It doesn't take long to reach climax even though he's uncomfortable, immobile and tied up. Right at the point when he starts to cum, Sydney pulls back and leaves him in agony as he is left on his own. Ruined forever