Teen Eats Her Cum After Anal/Cock Play

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4,970 5.0
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this is the one we may get today . letting wife pick this time . she is huge fan and jealous for sure

OrangMahn - Top reviewer Jan 14
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AWESOME video...beautiful girl with a great body and a perfect face giving a great performance. The video is short, but very, very sweet and more than worth it. You will not find a more beautiful Trans Girl than Nicky anywhere else.

I was so in the mood to cum I honestly could not wait any longer. I put my legs back stuck my finger in my ass and started masturbating. The whole time I was doing this I was just thinking of you looking at me while ramming your fingers in me. Just the thought of that alone made me cum. I ended up summing all over my hand and I was still really horny so I licked all my cum up like a good girl. I Loved It!!! xoxo~ Nicky