Aunty Knows Best


Naughty Vicky Vixxx

American / FLORIDA
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When Carmen Valentina asks to stay at her Aunt Vicky Vixxx's house because of marital issues Vicky can't help but to ask her lovely niece what is going on with. Carmen explains that she is pissed at her husband because he is running around getting BLOWJOBS from multiple girls. Vicky asks Carmen if the reason her husband is stepping out on her is because she doesn't like to give him blow jobs. Vicky explains that the way to keep your man is to give him amazing head. Vicky has a brilliant idea. YOU, Vicky's roommate are behind on rent but she is willing to remove the debt if you let Vicky teach her niece how to give proper HEAD. Vicky starts off by demonstrating how to give an award winning BJ then Carmen takes what she learned like a champ. Vicky and Carmen give you the best head you have ever gotten until you EXPLODES cum like a fountain in and around Carmen's mouth. Watching Carmen give such great head turns her aunt Vicky on so much that after they make you cum they go off to continue playing with each other