Freebie Tuesday

The Stinky Sisters



American / Fetish Land
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These girls cannot believe you actually brought them over to your house. They are way too sexy for someone like you. You have no chance at all. They're grateful for the beer, sure... but they know exactly why you gave them beer in the first place. You were hoping you would look more attractive if they were far from sober. Too bad for you. These girls aren't having it! Additionally, they want you to know exactly how much they don't want you as they describe their disgustingly stinky meals from earlier in the day. They assume that you will be turned off and let go of the whole idea you had for them in the first place, but... They laugh at you having a hard-on AFTER they've told you how stinky their breaths are... Even as they burp in your face, you aren't deterred at all from the appeal of having them there. You really are totally sick. They tell you to take it out, show them how excited you really are with it outside of your pants and out in the open, regardless of the circumstances. WOW... they laugh and laugh at the ridiculousness of your excitement in such a strange scenario. They instruct you to stroke as they laugh and cringe at your obvious excitement over such a strange turn of events. This clip features the amazing Vera Price! You can follow her on Twitter @YourGoddessVera