The Tutor's Reward



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You're my nerdy math tutor, and you have a massive crush on me. We study in my bedroom with me still in my uniform, and I lounge on my bed to be comfortable. I love the big strong quarterbacks at school, and you know I would never take a second look at you, so you treasure these times tutoring me. I owe you for several sessions now, and I use my feminine wiles to get out of paying. I tease you about how you are a virgin loser and you blush, so I know it's true. I've got your number, I'm surely not a virgin and I know what boys want and what they like. I tease you about how you must look at porn and jerk off constantly, when your nose isn't in the books. I show you my cleavage and flash my panties, telling you that's all you are gonna get and that if I let you jerk off then we're even, but you can't touch me. I laugh at you and act very bratty when you get so excited just from glimpsing my panties. I can't help trying to hurry you up, my boyfriend is waiting and we're going to fuck. I can't wait to feel his big dick inside me. I'm getting wet thinking of it, don't think it is you, when you see my wet spot, nerd. Stroke your loser cock and get that cum out. Oh, one last want to cum right? Well, you're going to have to take my math homework from my desk and deliver it to me at my locker tomorrow morning, and only then will I let you cum, but you can sniff my panties while you do it, deal