3 Milkings From Step-Mommy

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WICKED, CRUEL, EVIL STEP-MOTHER PUNISHES HER STEP-SON!!! WHEN HE DOESN'T CLEAN THE HOUSE TO HER SATISFACTION.... HE IS TOLD TO CLEAN HER CUNT..... AND THEN CAUSED TO MAKE 3 EJACULATIONS IN 10 MINUTES!!! When Drew's Dad is away.....his mean Step-Mother Stacy is in charge at home....and she is one cruel Step-Mommie!! When Drew gets home from school and wants to play with his Xbox Stacy reminds him of her house rule....."No playing video games until the house is spotless!!". Stacy wrestles the game controller out of Drew's hand, and makes him to clean the house while she watches. When Drew proclaims that the cleaning is done.....Stacy runs her finger across the top of the TV to reveal DUST!!! An angry Stacy shoves her dusty finger in Drew's face to show him that he has fucked up....and that he must now face the dreaded "Step-Mommie Punishment". Drew begs her to have mercy....."Please Stacy NO!!! Not the Step-Mommie Punishment!! Anything but the Step-Mommie Punishment!!!". Stacy, however takes no mercy....she orders Drew to assume the position...and he reluctantly lies down on the table. Stacy starts by hiking up her dress, and sitting on Drew's face "Clean My Cunt!!!" she screams at him. When her Cunt has been licked clean, Stacy begins the Punishment...which is.....3 Painful Milkings!!! That's right....she makes him to cum 3 times!!! First Stacy sucks off the young boy...knowing that he can't hold back from cumming in her mouth. Next, She straddles him and fucks him until he fills her Cunt with a Creampie. Drew is crying at this point...begging her to stop...telling her there is no way he can possibly cum again....but Stacy casually puts his cock in her mouth as she tells him "Oh...you'll cum again....you're young......". Sure enough....the experienced cock sucker pulls a third....and brutally painful ejaculation out of her Step-Son. Maybe this will teach him to clean the house properly