Ball Biting



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Sexy Olivia Wilder hangs out watching television, she’s wearing her little mini skirt not expecting company, it’s the one that's super short and shows off her ass. But that’s when Uncle Eric enters the room, he pulls out his cock looking at her bare feet and youthful ass he jerks off. His niece is just so damn sexy, but she catches him, calling him out for his creepiness. She tries to ignore him, but he keeps stroking it. Ignoring him doesn’t work because he strips naked and cums on her ass. She can’t believe what just happened. Masturbating Uncle is just too much for Olivia to handle, she jumps up and kicks him in the balls. He tries to make excuses for his behavior but it just results in more testicle wrecking kicks. Each kick is more intense than the last dropping him to his knees but once he gets to his feet she starts kneeing his nuts switching back and forth between kicks and knees. Feeling like her perverted Uncle hasn’t been punished enough, she drops to her knees and he thinks his luck has changed. It’s gotten worse, as she opens her mouth it’s not a blowjob she gives its pain. She bites the cock and balls repeatedly. He offers to triple her allowance monthly if she’ll just be a little nice to her penis. She agrees, liking money and sucks her Uncle’s cock. Knowing he’s really perverted she lets him lick her sweaty armpits. With the promise of a monthly payout, Olivia is pretty willing to do anything with her perverted Uncle. She sits on his face letting him eat her pussy; and for an old guy that’s related to her, he eats a good pussy. He fucks her taking the tight pussy from behind, he loves looking at her ass as his cock penetrates her. He had no idea his niece was this slutty, she rides his cock and lets him cum in her open mouth making a real mess of her face