Strap-N Part 1


Amber Michaels XXX

German / California
6:39 min - Nov 03 - .MP4 - 75.62 MB


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Strap-N, Part 1 is an extremely hot clip!!!! There are 6 total parts to this movie. So do not miss any of them. Before Darling comes over to fuck my ass hard with big strap ons and toys, I am too horney to wait. I start talking dirty to you explaining how I can't wait to my hard ass pounding. My body starts to shine with excitement. My pussy is so wet my panties are drenched. Knowing your watching me and knowing she is going to drill my ass good, I have to masturbate. I fuck myself hard and cum again and again. And to make myself get off again, I shove my wet cum drenched panties deep inside my pussy. I love staring into the camera knowing I am getting off for you and you are strocking your cock for me. Finally I get off my couch and crawl away on my hands and knees so you can watch my round tight ass leave. Don't worry in Part 2 Darling will be making me crawl back in for my ass fuck fest