Strap-N Part 2


Amber Michaels XXX

German / California
7:39 min - Nov 03 - .MP4 - 88.10 MB


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Strap-N Part 2 is full of naughty wild sex. It is a very hot girl/girl anal scene. Darling controls my body mostly and I love to please that beautiful lady. She knows I need a good anal fucking and I am willing to please. I fuck my tight ass with lots of fingers to get it ready for big toy fun. At one point I get it open nice and wide with my fingers to gape for you and her. Darling gets me so turned on I can not wait to have that huge toy plunged deep in my tiny butt hole. She has me lick the toy, then puts it in my ass nice and deep. As she thrusts it in me I am squating over the toy, so it is a double action grind on that big toy. My ass gets nice and juicy and I cum over and over. And after my last anal orgasm I grab the toy from my ass and Darling lets me lick it DRY. Don't miss this SUPER HOT girl/girl anal scene. And I have more to come with this series