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Time Traveling Tragedy



American / Fetish Land
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Look at this guy from... must have been 100 years ago. What a ridiculous looking time machine! Things are very different now. You know what... men haven't been around for a very long time. We haven't needed you. We've grown from that time as a society - a society that is perfection without any men. Hm. Is that... an... erection? That's the word that was talked about in our history books, when they get "excited". Ha! I suppose you came to this time in the hopes that things would have been more in your favor. Poor you... you're not necessary. We have NO use for reproduction or YOU. We will say though... the curiosity is too much here. We want to see what happens when you get very, very excited. Unzip your pants - which, by the way, look so ridiculous - and show us what we've only seen in textbooks. We want to see how you... stimulate it. Oh... wow... it looks so silly. We're remembering these looking BIGGER in our textbooks. This one looks excited, but not at all like the others. Yikes! No wonder men were eliminated. Go ahead and show us what happens when you're finished, but don't even think of leaving any of that behind. Ew! This clip features the amazing Vera Price! You can follow her on Twitter @YourGoddessVera