I blackmail you with these tasks



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Last night you sent me some pics of your cock and your face in a very hot moment, desperate and hard like hell. You wanted me to rate your dick and you even gave me your full name and your address. Big mistake! Now you must pay the consequences for playing with Dark Angie and trying to be smarter than me. I have been searching your name on Google and I found an interesting bunch of info. I also have been thinking how I could use this info and the disgusting dicks pics you sent me, as if I was being shocked by another so-so cock pic in my life. What kinds of things could I ask you to make you do? Ummm, let me think of it. You know now you made a mistake with me, you have no choice since from now on I could easily ruin you muahahahahaha. I am going to test this out. You will pause this vid and send me an email begging me to delete your info and not expose you. Next, I will give you 48 hours to complete the following tasks, of course with video proof: 1) to stroke yourself to an orgasm, but...... xxx :-O 2) fuck your bum with... xxx :-O 3) take a piss all over... xxx :-O I won´t tell you the details, not yet... I will make you suffer. You're seeing just how much control I have over you, prick, by giving these tough tasks and laughing that you have no choice but to do them. And who knows... this is just the beginningl: I make no guarantees this will prevent your exposure or that I won't use this to fuck you. This is the price for being so asshole.... Let the game start! YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you are that asshole! HIGHLIGHTED: watching me how I get in hot in my bra by blackmailing you. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW