Burps in white panties, wedgie and socks



Spanish / Spain
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Come with me, baby. Let´s relax and take our time. I have many strong burps ready for you. The more relaxed I am, the more fun I will have and the noisiest my belches will be. I love lying on the sofa and flirting with you, showing off my cute white panties as I give myself a long tight wedgie. My butt sticks out as I bend down on my fours, then I turn around and show you my little pussy which claims your full attention. Besides, I look so sexy and naive with my pink winter socks full of tiny woolen balls. My feet feel so warm with them on. All from me drives you crazy. My pretty face, my naughty look, my suggestive camel toe and above all, my thunderous belches from my deep throat are so exciting, you love watching how I open my mouth and rip those noisy gassy burps with all my power. I need nothing more but my easy white panties and my slim legs to fix your eyes on ME. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you have got a notable fetish for common white panties. HIGHLIGHTED: an intimate clip which is bursting with my whole naturalness. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW