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Nari decides to try out the Motorbunny. She positions her petite Asian body on top, and her tight wet pussy gets ready as she turns up the speed slowly. Her pussy gets wetter and wetter as she plays with herself at the same time. You can see the pleasure begin to overtake her as she increases the speed. She continues to play with her pussy rubbing her clit while the vibrations create waves of pleasure rushing over her. Her petite breasts show her erect nipples excited in the anticipation of what is to cum. She increases the speed and at only the half way mark she can hardly take it. As she nears closer and closer to coming she decides to just turn it all the way up. The intense pleasure is just too much and she has to turn it down. But she just isn't completely satisfied, so she plays with herself some more until she climaxes with an intense body shaking orgasm
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