Layla Diapered & Babied By Mommy Ava

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Layla Jets keeps getting fired from every job she has. Ava is tired of dealing with her embarrassing attitude, so she's decided to start treating her like a baby if she's going to act like one. Left in her new baby room by herself in a big diaper, Layla explores her surroundings and fun baby toys but is quickly embarrassed when Ava comes in to say goodnight. Ava pats her padded butt, but Layla insists loudly that she is not a baby. But then, she uncontrollably wets her diaper right in front of Ava! Ava knows what to do and despite Layla's fighting, she takes her to her adult size changing table and changes her into double thick diapers and a baby onesie for night time. Layla is going to be treated like a baby until she decides to start acting like an adult, whether she likes it or not