mall ALL day with SURPRISE in my cunt

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5,156 5.0
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I can't believe that was in your pussy all day! I love watching you work and this video was a perfect example of how nasty and used up that pussy can get. Awesome vid!

JAHMON - Top reviewer Nov 27
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Took me a while to process what I just saw....,......WOW!!! I was first blown away by how incredibly beautiful Alexis is. Literally “flawless” from her hair all the way to her toes. “FLAWLESS”!! And that was just the beginning.

I hate spoilers so I won’t tell you what was hidden then revealed. Trust me you gotta “see” it to believe it! I went thru just about any expression you can think of.... From WTF! to OMFG!! to HTF is this even possible?!!! How can a woman so small take on these Huge monsters as if they’re nothing?!!! Most amazing vid I’ve EVER SEEN. Loved every second of it! Only problem is now that I’ve seen this,I don’t think I wanna see anything else but this from now on..... Fellas BUY THIS VID!!! ,I promise you’ll feel the same. Alexis you are UNREAL!..... and I’m hooked like a fish. Please keep these cumming.

Come home from the mall, had something hiding in my cunt all day find out what it was!!! After the reveal I decide to fuck the Caterpillar, then the cyclops both of which are some of my older toys and have not fucked them in a while! Do a little magic trick and make the pill disappear in my twat multiple times. Then the cyclops which really gives a good gape but is too old to fuck so I prove that no mans cock is too "big" for a regular condom because I put a regular condom on the cyclops which is 3.5" (9cm...size you basically need to be to push a baby out of your cunt!) wide! Fuck the cyclops good, hard and deep and cum hard for you! Finish off by gaping my destroyed, creamy, cummy, leaking fuckhole for the camera
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