Bikini Belly


Lacy Luck

American / USA
16:39 min - Nov 03 - .MP4 - 958.99 MB


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Custom Clip! In the video you are getting ready to go to a pool party with your sorority girlfriends. You are checking out your outfit and making sure your belly looks good to show off. You pat and pinch it a little making sure it hasn't gotten too doughy. You measure your waist to see trim it is. You mention how you don't want to be the fat doughgirl of the sorority and have everyone pat and poke your belly, and you tell yourself you're just going to be the skinny girl who does the woohoo because it's cute. You say how you don't want the girls slapping and patting your belly telling you, "jiggle jiggle baby, and oh suck in that gut sweetie." You leave because it's lunchtime and come back in your room half an hour later. You realize you ate way too much at lunch before the pool party and now your belly looks doughy and bloated! You try on some tight shorts and your belly doesn't look any better. You try to suck it in and worry about all the girls poking it and making you say woohoo. Then you figure you might as well show it off. You do a few playful poses showing it off and then say oh might as well let the girls poke me now like a good little dough girl. You know the girls will want to tease you, and you don't mind a little playful teasing. They will circle their finger around your belly and then give you a poke right to the bellybutton. You don't care because you can poke most of them back too