Quarterback Breath



American / West Coast
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QB jock Taylor shares some things about football that you most likely aren’t aware of. First, he explains how much his jock breath stinks, what it tastes like, and the phlegm that builds up in his mouth guard during games. Then he shares a story about how he gets the team together after practice to meet up for a quick “meeting” behind the equipment shed to swap jock loogies with his teammates. He explains how his teammates line up just to taste what his alpha QB jock mouth tastes like. Some times, to get a real good taste, Taylor even lets his teammates SUCK on his tongue and big jock lips! Finally, Taylor hocks up a big, fat, quarterback loogie, shows it, and spits it all over you. Enjoy close up views of Taylor’s clean face, mouth, tongue, and even a slow motion shot of his throat as he breathes a mighty jock breath right in your face! Camera Perspective/View/Style: Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see shoulders and up. Focused on clean-shaven face. Excellent lighting. Solo video: Role-play