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Work Harder - Get a Second Job



American / Neverland
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Do you really think you've been doing enough for your Goddess? I don't think so, piggie. I am a greedy brat girl, and your pathetic paycheck isn't nearly enough to sate My appetites. So how do we solve that? It's simple! You're going to get a second job! You only work a measly 40 hours a week, which is absurd when you think about it! There are 168 hours in every week - even managing to grab eight hours of rest a night, that still leaves 72 extra hours that you are simply wasting! And we can't have that! That is plenty of time for you to pick up a second job! So that is your task, piggie. You're going to get another job and hand over all of your hard-earned money to Me! Aren't you lucky, having the chance to toil harder and sacrifice MORE for the pleasure of your Goddess? A slave couldn't ask for more