Death By Orgasm/Army Girl



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SirKnightMuse Nov 3 2017

When you get yourself caught, you turn on the charm and the audience with your alluring sexuality, stunning good looks, sporting a body that any Man and Woman would follow into battle.

I am the Advanced Guard of my Special unit. I have this position because I know the many things needed to survive in this world. I know that my liberty depends on me knowing my environment and how to move within it. I know my freedom depends on the tool of my trade, my weapon. I must keep it clean and well oiled, maintained, so it can do the job I need it to do. I know how to think fast and stay one step ahead of those who would capture me, bind me and imprison me. On this mission, I am scouting my assigned sector, trying to gain ground on the elusive enemy. I recon my area as usual, looking for anything out of the ordinary. I explore my surroundings, keeping alert, staying one step ahead of my protagonist. Little do I know that this would be a day unlike any other day. A day when I would be made to use all the skills I have been well schooled to employ. During this operation, it seems that I am out-manoeuvred, out-witted, out-matched and eventually captured. My adversary has made me surrender, commanding me to give in to his desires. So I am obliged to use the only weapons I have left, my brains and my body. Slowly I turn the advantage to my own, using moves that any enemy would fall prey to. I manipulate my body in such a way as to control his mind and intention. I use all my skill and training to disarm him so that I have captured the advantage. I use his weapon and mine in a way I am highly practiced and qualified to do. Today, as always, I will prevail