Catsuit Blondes go Hump in the Knight

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SUPER INTENSE GIRL-ON-GIRL ACTION FROM START TO FINISH...and this time they are both in INCREDIBLY TIGHT LEATHER CATSUITS! These two blondes as are sexy as hell anyway, but put them in leather catsuits and leather heels AND THEN put them together....we're surprised the camera didn't just melt! You'll see what we mean as you watch Sophia and Jasmine exploring each other's leather-clad bodies inch by inch, feeling the leather in the most intimate places. Jasmine unzips her catsuit just far enough to bare her perfect tits and Sophia doesn't need any more invitation, as she bends down and gets her mouth on Jasmine's nipples. We go in AS CLOSE AS WE DARE so you see all the action in fantastic detail. The girls talk sexily to each other and soon they reach a crescendo. They also reach for a couple powerful massage wands and use them to the max! It's ORGASM AFTER ORGASM as the girls play, hump, and use the wands in every way their kinky minds think of to make each other, and themselves, cum! The chemistry between these two girls is wonderful. Like we say, this video is just INTENSE. CONTAINS SEXUAL SCENES AND TOPLESS NUDITY