ALICE And ABBIE -PrivateFemdomParty FULL

17:21 min - Nov 13 - .WMV - 668.79 MB


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Abbie Cat and Alice relax at home looking so beautiful and sexy in their casual style! They are in a sadistic mood and they want to have a femdom party together and of course their houseslave is in trouble! Abbie calls him and they put two leashes on his collar for total control. They laugh at him and stick their perfect feet on his face, hurting it as they keep him near by the collar. The two bratty Ladies enjoy so much and show no mercy, they kick hard and footslap the slave many times and they footsmther him and footgag him. They humiliate him verbally and they slap his face and spit on his mouth, just to cover his stupid face once more under their feet for some more hard foot domination! The party continues and it is even more crazy! The two young Princesses handgag and smther the slave with their beautiful hands. They slap his face hard and they spit on it and they hurt him some more with their feet on his face, smthering him and footslapping him hard.They even footgag him with both feet on his mouth and they smther him covering his face under 4 feet and pushing their full weight on it! Alice rides the slave and pushes his face in the boobs of Abbie that locks him there and smthers him hard! Alice keeps riding the slave and she pushes the face of the slave in the ass and boobs of Abbie to smther him and after he makes him suck Abbie's feet as she is in a reverse position. Abbie footgags him as he sucks her feet and the two sadistic beauties footgag him harder and harder, pulling the leash and pushing their sexy feet down his throat. They kick him on the floor and they do some minutes of VERY HARD foot domination! Footsmthering, facetrampling, extreme facekicking and footgagging, the two superbeauties have so good chemistry together! 17 minutes of NON STOP domination