Leaving the Friendzone

feb 24, 2024Stream and Download2.57 GB45m11s FHD

In this video you (Patrick) and I have just got back from seeing a movie together. We’ve been best friends for years but you’ve always had a crush on me and today you’ve decided you’re going to make a move. The worst I can say is no and our friendship is strong enough to withstand an awkward rejection. So playfully you ask if after all these years of friendship I’ve ever been curious about what your dick looks like.. Do I want to see it? You get your dick out and I get shy and giggly, telling you you have a reeeally nice dick. We keep chatting and you suggest I show you myself too now, and I begin to slowly undress for you. It’s clear we both fancy the pants off each other… sitting inches away from each other I suggest we get to know each other even more intimately! Shall we fuck just to see what it’s like…? Buyers note: this video was a custom order with a request for me to try the Amazon sex position - it was my first time trying this and I really enjoyed it!! However as it’s my first time please forgive if it’s not the most expert Amazon performance - it’s more of an amateur one but who knows with time hopefully I'll become an expert!! First person to review this video gets 12 free photos from me! 1080p quality and available to stream or download immediately. Hope you have as much fun watching as I did recording! Demi xxx

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