revengeful ex fuks wife VOLUME 2



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This is VOLUME TWO....a continuation of revengeful ex fucks wife in front of hubby. Turns out my husband fainted from watching my revengeful ex fuck me while he made hubby watch. Talking to my hubby (John) I am trying to get him to open his eyes. He finally opens them and I reassure him....It's your wife John. I was so worried about you. You were out for awhile. Oh baby. Please don't be mad. I know it was hard to watch but he just has to get it out of his system. I am doing this for us baby. For me and you. Suddenly I am ex starts pounding my pussy from behind as I trying to check on my husband. At first I am upset but when the ex gets mad at me he fucks me SO hard. I actually LOVE it. I tell hubby. He used to do this all the time whenever he got angry at me. Just watch me baby. Watch him fuck your wife. We move to the bed and my ex whispers in my ear that he wants me to show my husband how much I want to fuck HIM. Makes me tell my husband that I need to fuck him like I mean it. And suddenly I am fucking his BBC like a wild woman that just cannot get enough. Watch him fuck your wife. Watch ME fuck him John. OH GOD.....his cock is going to make me cum....FUCKKKK. oh baby.. don't worry it's over now. And just as I lean to my husband with a smile of reassurance my ex grabs me back and starts pounding me all over again....OMG he is fucking me again ...Just watch me