Limp GFE with Jada Stevens Part 2



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Note: This description is in the perspective the male actor in the video!) I tell my girlfriend, Jada, that we're gonna make a movie. So she sits in front of the camera naked and introduces herself. But little does she know, it's not that kind of movie. I sneak up behind her and put her in a sleeperhold and then sort of splay her out, playing with her beautiful body - limp hand drops, dangling her hands, etc. The next morning, we are in bed together and she doesn't remember what happened. I turn the camera on her and play with her sleepy body; she's wearing a cute gold watch on her wrist that dangles a bit. It's time to get this movie started. More limp hand drops, ragdolling, leg drops (the only thing she is wearing is cute socks), eye checks, playing with her face and exploring her entire body from her perky tits to her luscious ass to her pretty pussy. I sit her up and shake her limp arms around. She wakes up, confused, and I put her back out quickly with a crack to the back of the head. Heh, that's right, go back to sleeep. I lift and cradle carry her over to the couch where I play with her sleepy body some more. She is so deliciously limp. I put her in a sitting position between my legs. She wakes up again, still confused, as I wrap my arms around her neck in a sleeper hold again. She struggles and shrieks, but is put out again. More limp hand and arm playing. I knock her over onto the ground where she wakes up again. She probably doesn't even know what happened. Mid-yawn, I end her so quickly that she doesn't have the chance to put up a fight. I bet she won't wake up this time. I cradle carry her body around for awhile and then stand her body up in front of me and shake her limbs around. Finally, I bring her body back over to the bed for more limp hand drops, rag-dolling and rolling around. Hope you enjoy our limp movie