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MARLENE - Facekicing and Facestomping

11:17 min - Nov 09 - .WMV - 436.53 MB


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Lady Marlene is a gorgeous Showgirl, with fantastic blue eyes, perfect muscled body and beautiful feet. She is TOTALLY sadistic, one of the most sadistic Ladies we ever did clips! This is her first ever time that she tramples a man and she already has a personal style! Cruel Lady Marlene just wants to destroy her face's slave, she really gets excited kicking! She puts him on a collar and holding the leash, she starts to BRUTALLY kick his face! She laughs at him and she humiliates him under her feet rubbing them all over his damaged face, until she starts the stomps, kicks and footslaps on it again, falling like rain! The poor slave has a begging look on his eyes, so Marlene knows he is going to collapse soon. She removes the leash and gives him the Knock Out Kicks