My Calves are all you need


Deanna Deadly

Irish / Nashville,TN
6:27 min - Nov 03 - .MP4 - 136.73 MB


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CLIP INCLUDES: -CALVES -CALF MUSCLE FETISH -DIRTY TALK -TEASE -BARE LEGS -LEGS -FOOT FETISH -HIGHLY ARCHED FEET -RED LIPSTICK -FLEXING Clip is 6 Mins and 30 seconds and in MP4 format. In this clip Deanna is wearing a short black wig with bangs and bright RED LIPSTICK laying on the floor with BARE LEGS and BAREFOOT. "Back for more of my legs huh? Cant get enough of them?" She POINTS HER TOES *HARD* to really show off the MUSCLE in her CALVES while her legs are in the air dangling for you. "If you had one night with my legs what would you do? What would you do to these CALVES?" She says as she TEASES you, FLEXES her legs and calves and lightly rubs her legs. "You love seeing them FLEX dont you? These bare legs..." She stands up and FLEXES her toes up and down and shows off her CALVES with a closer view to the camera. She goes back on the ground and has her legs up and says "Did you already pull your dick out? Are you already hard as a rock thinking about these legs? All you need is these legs to get off huh? No other body part. You are OBSESSED with them! Do you do dream about them" She says giggling and flexing and showing off her LEGS and CALVES in as many different positions as possible for you. The camera is zoomed in for a few CLOSER STANDING/FLEXING shots and then the video ends with me on the ground again sideways showing off my calves that way