Barefoot Beach Tease - Star Nine


Star Nine

American / California
7:10 min - Nov 03 - .MP4 - 264.40 MB


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Star Nine walks slowly down the beach, kicking her feet in the sand, testing the texture of the piles of seaweed, looking back over her shoulder to make sure you're following her. She slides her toes through the wet sand near some rocks, pivoting her ankles. She finds a cool, sandy, tide pool to stand in and teases you with her pink nails peaking out of the sandy water, a huge smile on her face. You follow her footprints as she turns a corner around some rocks. She sits and digs a hole in the sand with her feet, getting her toes and soles all sandy, teasing you. After awhile she gets up, draws an arrow in the sand with her feet and walks away into the ocean. Includes foot tease, foot modeling, outdoors, sandy feet, mud, water