Desperate to pee, I make a mess



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I am coming from the supermarket, it always happens the same! There must be something magical in there which makes my bladder get filled as hell. As I get home, I throw the shopping bags on the floor and I rush into the toilet. I am wearing my tight jeans and my high boots, the worst outfit! Pulling my jeans down is so hard, I can barely do it and hold my bladder at the same time. I am really desperate to pee. If I am at least 5 secs late..... oh, shiiit! who cares? I need to pee or my bladder will burst. Ufff.... at last! This is real pleasure. Oh my God! This intense long stream makes my day. My relief almost turns my pussy on. I am a new person... but what the hell is this? Oh, no, what did I do? Fuck! fuck! Fuuuuuuuuck? where did I pee? YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you emphatise my desperation in your own skin. HIGHLIGHTED: you don´t need to see my face to feel what I feel every sec, my moans and my curse words intensify what you are watching. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW