Hairy Girls Taboo Shave 45 mins

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887 5.0
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Mrsummers deleted - Top reviewer Nov 4 2017
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Living the dream sir! Just shaving her would be an Awesome experience but fucking her right after is Wonderful! You can tell she does'nt like the taste of cum :) Hot Vid!!!! Glad I found your page!!!!

FFeZine Nov 4 2017

Yea ! that made us both laugh, she certainly doesn't, we thought maybe at 45 mins it was a bit long, but really wanted to give the full experience to people, maybe one day I'll sit back and watch these and say yea that was living the dream.

Wow I know its been a while since it's been my turn to have you over honey, but I cant believe how hairy your pretty pink pussy has got, come on baby get in the bath I'm gonna have to shave your pussy totally bald and your little ass too...that's better, damn I forgot how pretty you look, and tight your pink little fuck holes are, your so lovely girl I'm going to make a 45 minute pov video of this for other men to enjoy. Yes angel I know that a long time, just have a pee pee in the bath if you want, I'll film that too. You'll know its time to come out when your all clean and shaved with my taboo cum in your mouth