PAWG Ass Spread and Smack with Soles

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117 5.0
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kevowsk1 Nov 14 2017
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This is arguably the best booty & soles video on this entire site! The video is her leaning forward on her knees, ass cheeks being spread wide & smacked right over her sexy soles while the camera films it all from behind throughout the over 5 minute video. Very sensually sexy & A sight to behold for Ass Men!

Kitten_Kiara_CB Nov 25 2017

Wow Kev! Thank you so much for this review! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! ❤️

Bluegrey88 Nov 14 2017
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Highly recommend this vid for any ass lovers out there!

Watch me spread my phat cheeks to reveal my tight little asshole. Spanks a plenty in this vid too! Enjoy :) Tags: ass spreading spread PAWG thick white brunette phat butt bubble butt foot fetish soles wrinkled small shawty short little cute tight pink pussy behind worship