Freebie Tuesday

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Your father has been asking me to spend more time with you. He figures if we bond a bit it could help with the animosity between us. I have to say I definitely agree. So I decided to surprise you with some sexy lingerie. Let's get to know each other really well. You think I haven't noticed the way that you look at my tits. Well I want to show them to you. I want to feel you touch them and lick them. Stroking your cock, teasing you....licking and sucking your cock. OMG use your tongue on my pussy while I suck it. Fuck that feels good. You want to call me mommy? Oh I like that. Look how hard my nipples are when you call me that. I need to fuck you. Put your cock in mommy's pussy. You can cum in me. It's okay I promise. Cum in mommy's pussy